miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

A native package manager for KDE on Debian

Since KDE4 was released, we Debian users have been missing support for package management on KDE4. KPackage made the move to SmartPM and fell unmaintained. Adept never saw a final release in it's KDE4 version and it is unmaintained as well. It seems PackageKit is going strong among different distributions but, honestly, it lacks good Debian support. Here comes Shaman, a package manager that abstracts all management functionality in backends. Right now it features native support for Arch Linux, PackageKit, and recently, Debian's Advanced Package Tool (APT). The Debian backend is still on early stages (lacks DebConf and media change support [TODO]), but you can already install and remove stuff.

I have planned to make Debconf support integrated inside Shaman itself (unlike KDE3's external configuration dialogs); multiple repositories support (show package's origin); package version selection (from different releases)... what do you want it to have?

If you want to check/test it, or help in development, download the source code at
the only build dependecies are KDE4 and apt-pkg (package libapt-pkg-dev).

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